Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I've Been Blogged!

Well my good old friend Susie said, "You should blog." Now, here I am blogging. Blog is a funny word. It's a funny world we live in where blog is a part of our daily vocabulary. Pop Quiz: How many times will I say blog in this blog? Well, this blog represents my little Ireland family of three. Six if you include Thunderclese (the white dog) and cats Roscoe (the grey cat) and Andy Dick (the black cat). I am surrounded by boys! Ben and I have been married a year and nine months since that wonderful day shown in the picture above. I can hardly believe how fast time has flown. I still feel like a youngen but I can't help notice how much older everyone and everything around me is getting. It doesn't help that I just brought a child into this world. Nothing ages you like a kid. All of the sudden you're supposed to know everything. Speaking of the other member of my precious family, let's have a look at his photo above. What a cute kid! This is his 'Callin the ladies, I'll be there in 5," shot. It was taken by our amazingly talented friend Mike. You can view his work at We just love the heck out of this little monster boy. His name is Lucas Benjamin Ireland and he was born February 2, 2007. I never knew how much I would love being a mom. He's a lot of fun. We call him monster boy because the only noises he makes so far are grunts and "RARRS." Can't wait to hear what comes out next.
We just wanted everyone to see and meet our little family. This is us! Our happiest time is Saturday morning when nobody has to go to work. We can all be found cuddled up in bed together. Lucas in my arms, Thunderclese shoved up against somebodies back, Andy eating our toes, and Roscoe acting like he's too cool to hang out with us. Yes, we're all quite fond of each other. I hope to keep those of you who care about us updated on this handy little blog site. The answer is seven times!