Monday, January 19, 2009

To Those I Love So Much...

I have been sick for a long time but besides the exhaustion I am feeling much better finally. I just wanted everyone to know that. Six weeks to go and Amy will be here!

I can't write a blog without posting a great picture so here are a couple of kiddos I miss terribly. I have the greatest nieces and nephews in the world.

To the 4 of you that are not in this picture, I LOVE YOU TOO!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter Wonderlands & Disease

It is hard for me to contemplate the fact that I have lived in Texas for 5 years now. This whole 'adventure' was originally planned for 4 months. During that whole time I had not seen a drop of snow and only heard the Texans talking of the time when it "frosted." I guess tiny flakes flew through the air and it was a highlight for years afterward. Well, this past month of December 2008, Houston had a touch of real snow. It even stuck to the ground for a bit. It was really cute to see all of them flipping out over it. The pole in the picture above is about as serious as it got. It's really cute when you understand that I was going home to a world like this:

Yes, I was back in Salt Lake City. I must say the trip started out perfect. It was a nice calm winter wonderland. We spent the two days before Christmas watching the snow and then grumbling as my super dad grabbed a shovel. However, by the time we suited Lucas up for the job a neighbor had come over with a 4wheeler plow and had done most of the work. Nonetheless, it made for some great pictures. Too bad we only had our 2.0 MP camera phone.

Lucas really got a hang of Christmas this year. His grandma and grandpa picked out really good presents. He sure liked his blocks and coloring markers from his cousin Steve. OH NO! I forgot those! Steven if you find them in the pantry I DID NOT leave them on purpose.
The best part about the vacation is that Lucas got to hang out with the cousins, uncles, aunts, and grandparents he never sees from my side of the family. I have never seen him have so much fun. My family is awesome. I love you guys. Here he is having a sleep over with Sammy and Ethan.
This last picture makes me laugh. I look awesome! I didn't have real winter clothes but I wanted Ben to see the lights on Temple Square so I put together an outfit made from my mom and dad's closet. I had to walk past all these girls in their strategically put together winter outfits in my dad's giant marshmallow coat.
This is where the happiness ends. Christmas night I came down with the stomach flu, followed up directly afterward with a cold, resulting in a sinus infection that sent me to the hospital. I spent the rest of my vacation in bed feeling sorry for myself. I am so sorry to all the people who were cancelled on because of my diseases. I am so sad I did not get to see most of my loved ones back home. I will try to get back soon. Until then, start planning your trips out to see me. Amy is due in 8 1/2 weeks! We'd love to have you! Who is coming to visit?!?!?!?!?