Monday, October 27, 2008

Trish gives her students a lesson in blood sugar.

I walked through the door of the emergency room, not entirely sure why I was there. The smell of fresh lacquer on the slippery wood floors making my already light head swim. I shifted the weight of my 21 month old on my hip, his precocious weight making my arms shout in pain, but not as loud as the confused questions in my head. "A2" I said to myself again. I turned left and saw a plaque on the wall by a closed door A1. The door next to it was open, another plaque on the wall A2, a nurse walked through in front of me and I followed. She pulled on the curved wall of curtain that was hiding the room from me, hiding something I did not understand.

The room was small, white, and full of people and tubes. The only thing I saw was Trish lying on the bed, center stage, what I did not understand was looking back at me. The entire left side of her face was swollen and red. Her eye pressed closed from the dark purple swelling. She looked like someone had picked up a flat piece of wood and slammed her across the face with it. That wasn't too far from what did happen.

"Holy cow." I said.

She had fallen in class, hitting her face on a student's desk as she fell. She remembers feeling light headed and telling the kids to wait a minute. The students were standing around her screaming when she came to. "Get Mrs Cox." Trish managed to murmur. The ambulance came with sirens blaring. The EMT's fed Trish a tube of glucose before strapping her to a board and putting her into the ambulance. En route they inserted an IV, pumping the equivalent of three tubs of frosting directly into her blood.

She's doing fine today and recuperating. Her body is still a little stiff and sensitive to the foods she eats, but she will make a full recovery. The baby is healthy and safe too, the little one was wiggling more then Trish had ever felt it, enjoying the sugar rush.

In the end, I think the biggest victims of this episode are Trish's eye and my heart.

Couple hours after hitting the desk.

Shiner as it looks today.
The good news is as it turns out, purple looks pretty good on me.

We want to end on a happy note and let you all know that the day ended with this bit of info:

Amy Dawn Ireland

Arriving March 1st 2009

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dragon Lu

As promised, here is Lucas ready for Trick-Or-Treating. We found this little gem of a costume at Old Navy while we were staying at Ben's parents.

Friday, October 3, 2008

David Swimmer & Naps

I really try to keep my blogs focused on one topic but I have three stories that need to be shared. So I'll share two and save Lucas' Halloween costume for next time. Believe me, it's worth coming back for.

This week back at work has been killer exhausting so I've barely been able to stay awake when I get home. This is the other night when I crashed during Heros. Mommy was too tired to play with Lucas so he found a way to play with her anyway. Ben thought it was hilarious and took the picture.

The pool was green from the hurricane and Ben and his brother Michael were on their way to bucket it out. Michael yells, "There is a squirrel swimming in the pool!" So Ben pulls out the camera on his phone and films this.

Notice Ben saying, "Actually...." Yeah well, at that point Ben realizes this squirrel is swimming for his life and drops the camera to fish the poor little guy out. This next clip is the conclusion.

That poor thing must have been swimming for hours and he just gave up at that exact moment Ben was filming him. After they fished him out he lay on the grass and slept for an hour! He was SO tired. After his nap he popped up and ran to the tree so we are happy to report he is alive and well. We decided to name him David Swimmer.

So there you have it. Naps for me and David Swimmer. What a crazy week.