Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pants & Pumpkins

I used to keep the blinds open. I like natural light. Potty training has me in a world of darkness. I told you in my last post that Lucas has taken an interest in potty training. It seems that is all it was. He did really well for awhile, then he stopped, then I made charts, he did better, then he stopped again. It is very hard to stay patient when your cleaning up poop on a daily basis. It is even worse when that poop is on carpet. To top that, the carpet was just cleaned. If I put a trainer on the kid, he goes in it. If I leave him naked he'll (usually) go to the toilet. I often have a naked 2 year old running around my house. Thus, my blinds are closed. I thought I would be original and post the pictures of our trip to the pumpkin garden (we didn't go to a patch.) Alright, so everybody has a picture of their kid with a pumpkin right now but it is about the only place we've gone in a month. Too many sick people everywhere. However, you might find these pictures more interesting because it burned down a few days after we picked out our pumpkins. I am still loving my Web Design class. Here is the latest webpage I put together:
Check Out My Latest Site!
I will be posting the link for my portfolio soon. I wish I had $1000 to spend on Adobe CS4 Master collection.
A few of you have asked how the kitchen is going. Great. We are doing a little at a time. The latest improvements consist of removing the center cupboards and choosing a stain color. We love how open it is now. I have purchased my ticket to go home for Christmas. I will be there with the kids from December 15-January 13th. Ben's vacation will not be quite so long but he is coming too.
Oh Utah! How I miss the fun spirit you put into Halloween. I didn't realize how special it was until I was in a place that doesn't have it.