Sunday, June 22, 2008

Don't You Wish You Could....

Our family went to Austin this week. There were many activities to choose from so unfortunately we didn't have time to Kickapoo.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Baby Scrubs

Don't you hate it when you realize your kid looks adorable and you don't have the camera? Thank Goodness for backup camera phones! I took LukeyDoo in for his 15-18 month checkup and he is on top of his game. I know those pediatricians see a lot of kids and they have to say your kid is cute but I just have to brag and say they LOVE my kid. They said something about him being THE cutest kid in Texas, and maybe the world. Ok, so I may have imagined that part. Cute story: Dr. Wong was asking me questions about him like, "How much does he eat? What words does he know?" Well, one of the questions was, "Do you have dogs?" and Lucas went, "RUFF RUFF!" So now of course, we make him bark all the time.

On a more serious note: his legs are significantly bowed and we have to watch them. Most kids grow out of it. They are symmetrical and they don't impair his walking so it shouldn't be a problem. I guess we could always attached a string and teach him to shoot arrows at people.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things I Love!


I have decided something about life. My body will never look perfect unless I'm willing to give up things I love. Why is having a perfect body better then snuggling up to a movie with your favorite snacks? Ritz and cheese with a Mt. Dew is definitely a good reason to be alive! This little snack has been music to my taste buds since I was a little girl. So I'm chunky right now! So what! I always eat what I want and I don't exercise unless I want to. That's a pretty good life if you ask me. Don't let the skinny people tell you otherwise.


Sure, I complain A LOT, but it is never because of the kids. Look at these guys! They are a blast when we don't have to worry about tests and walking perfectly in the hallway. They make it easy to remember why I wanted to be a teacher. Everything that makes me crazy about the educational system is a direct cause of the government, the district, the parents, or myself. These kiddos are innocent little bystanders and I wish it was my job to sneak them out to recess and play American Idol with them. Seriously, I've got a couple of kids that do a mean Randy!

I am in love with my scrapbook program. It's called the Scrapbook Factory and it makes scrapbooking so fun and easy.

Doesn't Lucas look so funny here? LOL! I literally have a vacation in my backyard whenever I need it. I always said that my idea of a vacation is a palm tree and water. Even though I want a new pretty house closer to Utah, I know how lucky I am to live in this one. I'll probably never be able to afford a pool anywhere else and we have some pretty good parties and memories with this one.

When I was little I used to sit at the window and just stare. I love this picture.


This is Lucas in his toy corner. He takes very good care of it and he cleans it up everyday. (with Mommy of course) He has everything he needs for hours of fun.

Nothing beats hanging out with my boys. I have it pretty good.

Revelation! Last night I was pretty down. We all went to Kohls to get some clothes for the summer vacation. I have never had to try on such big sizes in all my life. I came home and my husband tried to tell me how it's not that bad, you have thyroid issues, etc. He was trying to be very helpful but I didn't need the excuses. I'm not blaming anything. I wish I didn't have to care. Writing this blog was so helpful. I do have it pretty good. I still hate dressing my fat body everyday but once that part is out of the way I get to do some pretty cool stuff and hang with some pretty special people.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Member!

Comments are cool because it gives me ideas for my next blog. Thanks Katy. That first blog was over a year old so our family has changed a bit since then. The newest addition is Kira the Pug. She is CRAZY. Long story short: I found her on Craigslist and the girl said she was abandoned at her hospital with a note that said, "I can't take care of her." It seemed a bit shady, but oh well, a pug for 100 bucks, WHO CARES! So when I brought her home she was so excited to be with me and she has never calmed down since. The vet thinks she had a pretty rough life and I became the first source of relief for her. Now she's attached to me like glue. You like that right eyeball? You should! Its cost me $500 dollars so far! She got an infection and now I have to put medicine in it every day for the rest of her life. But Dude, come on, I got a pug, so it's all good.

This was taken the same day as Kira's photo. You may notice Lucas rarely has clothes on in his pictures. This is because Lucas rarely has clothes on. It's so hot in Houston and he loves playing outside. It's just become easier to only dress him when we know we are leaving the house. Anyway, Lucas loves playing with the hose and beware if you are out there with him because he thinks it is hilarious to soak people.

There! Clothes!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer is Here!

Here walked the 2007-2008 4th grade class of Magrill Elementary. Many a day I stood outside the third door on the left and screamed, "Don't run on the ramp! Don't run on the ramp!" I will remain silent for the next 2 1\2 months as I have sent them on their way to a summer of sweat and humidity. I compare it to getting out of prison. I couldn't wait to be free but now that I'm out I realize I miss some of my inmates. All jokes aside. I had some really cool kids whom I will miss dearly. I wish them the best.

I realized several people care about what I have to say! So I figured I'd try this blog thing out for real. Let's see if I can post more then one blog a year. I'm going to dive right into the present and update you with stories as they come to mind. Currently, Lucas is learning HALO 2 on the XBOX with his dad. This is only because his mom won't let his Dad throw down the $500 it would take for HALO 3. Ben likes his video games. Lucas is destined to follow.

I'm really not used to this blog thing! The picture never goes where I tell it to. So forget it! I'm going to stop worrying about it and just type, upload and let them land where they may! Lucas loves to help his dad clean the pool. My boys are so cute. I looked up and noticed they were wearing the same outfit. One of those few times you actually have a camera on hand when something priceless happens. I think they are turning into one person. Which is cool. They're both pretty awesome.

So... this was fun. Did you have fun?