Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ireland Updates

Individual Ireland updates today:


Ben is doing great. He is a super father, husband, and friend. Thanks to his most important employer;, he was hired on by a partner company and has recently been promoted. I sure am proud of him. I asked him to write a little update for himself and he sent me this: I don't care to have people know about me.


I'm great. Happier then I have been in awhile. I LOVE not working. I have the coolest kids. I am taking 2 classes this semester to get my Web Design certificate and I am LOVING it. I am really excited to start putting my skills to use. It feels like EVERY blog I read has someone saying, "I just ran a 5K," or "I'm training for my 5K." It feels like the whole world is running except for me! I have a goal to start running and biking again. If I say it out loud maybe it will happen. I'm finally starting to redecorate my house. (THANK YOU ANDREA!) I'll blog more about that when I'm further along. I do however need your help finding me any dishes that belong to this set:

I have 11 dishes so far and they look great but I don't have any in the red pattern and only a few of the green so if you are in a DI or Salvation Army or WHEREVER, please keep your eye out for this pattern. It is Sakura Tapas. Any of the color (green, red, orange, yellow) would be great. Thanks


This kid is a delight. He is so funny and creative. He can entertain himself for hours which I didn't realize was such a blessing until Andrea came down and told me how a lot of kids are not like that. He is definitely a creative personality like his dad and ONLY does things when he is good and ready. Like potty training for instance. All attempts before he was ready were a waste of time. He is now taking and interest in it and goes to the potty by himself. He's not perfect yet but within a few days he has just decided he's going to start doing it. He loves juice, Ritz & Cheese (ha ha, Ben can't stand that we eat cheese in a can!) and Blue's Clues. He hasn't completely abandoned Spongebob but he is branching out.


The sponge. She is amazing. My two children have been very different as far as when they did things. I remember Lucas just hanging out on the floor with no desire to move forever. Amy on the other hand has been trying to figure everything out right away. She has been scoot crawling since before she was 6 months and now that she is 7 months today she is a speedy little crawler, climber, and is trying to conquer walking. She LOVES her brother and the sound her diaper makes when she scratches at it. Especially the Velcro things that hold it on. She gets so overjoyed to eat that we can barely get the food in her mouth. She also still loves sucking her toes and has a strange fascination with laptops.

Quick funny story: I took her in for her 6month checkup and I was signing in and the lady looks up at me and says, "Uh uh, no way." I was a little confused and then she says, "She is too cute. (Pretty good for a pediatrician's office.) Oh my gosh, is she always this sweet?" So anyway, I have new insurance with Ben's job so I had to check back at the end of the appointment to see if I had a copay. I headed back over to the desk and there was a few ladies in line with their kids. I got in the back of the line and pretty soon she spots me and shouts over all the other ladies with their babies and says, "Uh uh, NO, no copay. I told them she was too cute." I instantly felt the eyes of everyone around me go to the little bundle of cuteness in my arms. I gave an embarrassed thank you smile and turned to go. Boy, I think kid compliments are more fulfilling then personal compliments.

One last shot of the two newest best friends. I think the moment you actually see your kids start playing together is a whole new level of parenting. It is so heartwarming. We are so blessed.