Monday, October 1, 2012

New Kid on the Block

Hello, from Logan Robert Ireland!
Stats: See Hospital card above.
Name Origin: Back in 7th grade at Bonneville Jr. High my friend Jane was talking about her funny little brother Logan. In that moment, I fell in love with the name and decided I would give it to my own son someday. His middle name has two meanings. First, Robert is the name of Ben's dad. Second, about 2 years ago one of my best friends lost her brother, leaving her the only sibling left to her parents. In our tear filled conversations she mentioned how hard it was for her to be alone and she asked me to not make my kids ever have to go through that. It is because of her and her brother Robert that I decided to have a third child. We are happy to have a middle name that means so much.
Labor & Delivery: Labor started very early in the morning. We headed in and by the time I was all hooked and drugged up it was about 11:30 a.m. At that point I pretty much just took a nap. Everything went very well and after about three hours my doctor was there to deliver the baby. At 2:05 pm I was holding my new baby boy!
New Things I Know: The first kid is terrifying. You're too worried about breaking it to enjoy it. The second is a little better but you're still trying to use all the same techniques from the first kid until you realize no two kids are the same and this is a whole new ball game. The third kid is AWESOME. Ben and I are both in such a good place and we're seasoned pros. Cute thing Ben said, "I was worried about how a third kid would fit in with our little group but now that he's here I just feel more complete."  He's going to hate that I put that here but it just so true I had to share.
Enjoy the pics!

Last few moments as one unit. Hospital gowns are so flattering.

Only a few minutes old and already very alert and chilled out.

Ben was/is amazing. I seriously have the best husband in the world. Nothing is cuter than a man being so excited about his new child.
Amy & Lucas think he is "awesome." Their words.
Lucas found the reverse on the camera. This has nothing to do with Logan but it was funny to find these pics in the middle of all the others.
Grandma and Grandpa Ireland took care of Amy and Lucas while we were at the hospital. Family support is the best!
First night as mom and son. I should have been sleeping but I can just sit, stare, and cuddle with him for hours.
Look at all that hair! I have NEVER had a kid with hair before. No Stevens has really ever been able to produce a kid with hair for that matter. This is seriously more hair than Amy and Lucas had at the age of two.
Finally home and chillin' with Dad. Fits in perfectly already.