Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Feature

If you're not using the new blog feature you're missing out! It tells you when people update their profile up to the minute. I don't have to check every blog and be sad when they haven't updated it. You can also choose to see the name of their latest post and/or a snippet of it. It is very easy and I stay up to date on all of your blogs. More of you should be using it. It's in the Layout tab under page elements. It's called Blog List. Punch in my blog address and you'll never miss a fun filled moment of my blog ever again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Good times here at the Ireland homestead. Ben and I just celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I know this is cliché but I really can't believe how fast it went. We celebrated Saturday with Batman: Dark Knight. We loved it. Heath Ledger was fascinating. Dead or alive he deserves credit for a very awesome/disturbing performance. Sigh...I miss him. It's weird. Him and Steve Irwin, I just can't seem to get over. You'd think I lost a family member. Monday was our actual anniversary. Ben worked all day and I stayed out by the pool. Lucas loves lying in his baby float. He was so relaxed that he zonked out. I was going to let him nap there but we took him inside because he started to get some serious old man feet.
Ben is super sweet; he took me to Red Lobster even though he doesn't care for it. That made me a happy wife for at least another 3 years. We ended the night with Baz's Romeo & Juliet. It was a good weekend. I have the greatest husband in the whole world. It is very cute how he is always concerned with taking better care of us. The best part about our marriage is how much we laugh. We really crack each other up. Although, sometimes Ben just cracks himself up.
Oh..did I also mention I spent the weekend polishing off a 7" Sara Lee Cheesecake? Perfect touch.

Monday, July 7, 2008

We're Gonna Go See Mickey Mouse!

Well actually we are back from seeing Mickey Mouse but "We're gonna go see Mickey Mouse," is what we chanted with Lucas this entire past month. The Ireland Family went to California for a week and a half of sunny filled fun! My parents took our whole family on our first vacation in years. The whole gang showed up- minus a few exes. That's right twenty-two Stevens' trucking everywhere from Disneyland to SeaWorld. If you have an hour to kill sit there and watch the slideshow. We had four very camera happy photographers.