Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kohl's Shopping Tips

For those of you who do or want to do the Kohl's thing NOW is the time to shop. Several people have asked me how I save so much money. Below is what you need to know. I have no idea why people buy stuff without these promos. The only catch is that you have to have a Kohl's card. Opening your Kohl's card is a big step and should not be wasted. You can usually get an additional 15% on top of all your other promos when you open an account so plan your first time accordingly. Also, pay it off when you get the bill. Don't go into debt. Paying finance charges defeats the purpose of getting the good deals. I put the reciept on my desk so I can remember to go online and pay it the next day.
  • SHOP30 will get you 30% off, expires 11/14
  • Spending $50 = free shipping but if you spend less use the code below
  • MVCFSFREE = free no minimum shipping and CAN be used with the 30% off code, expires 11/15
  • Kohl's Cash Tip: Every $50 you spend earns you $10 Kohl's cash. These are like gift cards you get to come back and use in the store or online. Pay attention to the subtotal AFTER you apply all your discounts. Even if your subtotal is $99.99, you will only get $10 Kohl's Cash back instead of the $20 you would have if you had spent one more cent. Your subtotal must be 50+. 100+, 150+, etc to earn the Kohl's Cash. This can be tricky with all the promo discounts, shipping, and tax so pay attention to the subtotal only. This round of Kohl's cash ends 11/12.
I love a good deal and just wanted everyone to know. Feel free to ask questions. Happy Shopping!!!

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