Monday, November 5, 2012

Time On My Hands

So this not working thing is pretty great. I find myself with time to do useless stuff. (Obviously, since this is my second blog without a 6 month span.) Most of this free time is interrupted by a little munchkin that needs me to sit down and take care of him. This results in a bit too much social media, Internet surfing, and Hulu+.
Alas, the treasures I have found!

1. The band Fun. was on SNL last Saturday and I think I love them. The quality of a person's live voice is really what does it for me.

Click here then click SOME NIGHTS
2. Election stuff: I'm not sure if the negative political post people took the hints from the rest of us and stopped posting as much or if I've just been blocked by most of them. Either way, its all good. Its not that I don't appreciate people wanting me to get involved but the whole "Us vs. Them" theme running through America has me feeling a bit discouraged. We are very close to becoming the United States of America. Here is my spiel. Two guys WANT to be president of this difficult country. Someone is going to win. 50% of voters are going to be disappointed. If its not who you wanted then don't spend the next 4 years writing on Facebook about how much you hate what they are doing. Do your best to be a supportive citizen and write your concerns to your local congress person instead.

Click for my favorite thing to have come from the election.

3. Surprisingly enjoyable new shows I started because they had a Halloween episode (and I was already caught up on Project Runway, Grey's, Office, Community, and Once.)
In order of how much I like them: New Girl, Modern Family and The Mindy Project. The jury is still out and my judgement might be impaired because of how little I'm using my brain lately but I'm open to your show suggestions.

Remember, this post is just about what I'm doing when I'm sitting on my butt. I am engaged in actual projects around the house too. Officially, I don't hit my six weeks mark until next Thursday so the 'excuse for being lazy' window is coming to an end. Boo, but I guess its time. I mean look how freaking skinny I was seven years ago! I'd just like to say this is the healthist I've ever been and I was 165 pounds! I NEVER would have dared to tell anyone that 10 years ago. Young girls need to know that the same number on the scale looks different on everyone and doesn't determine how cute or thin you are. IF ONLY I HAD FIGURED THIS OUT SOONER!!!!!
I'm not sure why I thought I had enough thoughts to merit a blog entry but here I am an hour later wondering why I didn't use the time to SLEEP. Mainly, I just wanted to share the Fun. song with you so hopefully you were able to enjoy that. If you're STILL reading my lame random middle of the night blog then you're an awesome friend and I love you too.
The little munchkin responsible for all this Internet surfing. (4 weeks.)


Katy & Mike said...

YAY! Love you for the comment about the weight. I pretty much look like a super model at 150, which I haven't seen in probably 10 years, but I don't care, because we are awesome at any weight! Hope that cute little Logan is doing well. Please post a pic of him next!! Miss ya!

Jay and Heath said...

Cutest little picture of Logan EVER! He is seriously darling! I'm totally in agreement with both your comments on politics and the weight thing. I never EVER thought I was skinny till I had kids and then looked at pictures of what I used to look like. Then I loose the weight, and then I don't feel skinny still. What the heck!? But guess who's pregnant and HUGE and would give anything to look like I did 3 months ago??? Vicious cycle. No me Gusta! Hope all is well with your cute family! Miss you and LOVE you!! xoxo Heather

Victoria Elliott said...

You look lovely Trish :) Enjoy the down time while you can. It's the 'boring' moments in life that are the most peaceful :)